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Your name is KANKRI VANTAS and you pray someday someone will understand you







"I take it you sawv the pic…heh?~" 

" Yes, That is exactly what I saw. I w9uld chastise y9u a69ut the use 9f the picture and h9w this is a pu6lic place, 6ut I h9nestly d9n’t see that as a g99d idea. I just want t9 ask. Why did y9u pick a picture s9 lewd t9 pick 9n such a thing s9 imp9rtant?"

"The candy blooded mutant didn’t look angry. Only a bit confused as he folded his arms behind his back.His pale eyes moved to the ground as he managed a meek smile.

"Th9ugh. The way y9u descri66ed 9ur relati9nship…It makes me s9 happy that I mean s9 much t9 s9me9ne s9 perfect. I am happy that I mean s9mething t9 y9u."


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First character to put a collar in my inbox owns mine as a pet.
Send me a “(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)” and my muse will respond with a kiss that resembles their feeling(s) or relationship towards yours.


  • Hair: Irresistible Longing
  • Forehead: Blessing/Friendship
  • Eyelid: Adoration
  • Ear: Temptation
  • The Bridge of Nose: Treasuring
  • Cheek: Dear/Kindness/Satisfaction
  • Lips: Love
  • Throat: Desire
  • Nape: Deep Attachment
  • Back: Confirmation
  • Chest: Possession
  • Arm: Affection/Adoration
  • Wrist: Desire/Lust
  • Back of Hand: Respect/Love
  • Palm of Hand: Begging/Entreaty
  • Fingertip: Praise/Admiration
  • Tummy: You-will-always-come-back-to-me
  • Waist: Binding
  • Thigh: Control
  • Leg: Obediance
  • Instep: Subordination
  • Tip of the Toe: Worship/Idolize

((meme inspired by this))

"Cr9nus. 9h g9ds please 9pen the d99r. I have s9mething ever s9 imp9rtant i have to tell y9u." He knocks on his hive door urgently, blood pusher pounding roughly in his chest. "Cr9nus please. It is really imp9rtant. Cr9nus~."




The seadweller groaned and slipped himself out from the tangled mess of sheets covering his human sleep slab. With a loud yawn and a nearly backwards stretch , the greaser finally managed to start towards the source of the unholy noise. It never crossed his sleep hazed mind that clothing beyond his ‘Grease Lightening’ Boxers might have been something to consider before tugging his hive door open to great the little mutant hammering away.

"kanny? doll you do knowv for me that its…vwell, time for me to be asleep? vwhats got you so riled up, chief? you usually dont get like this…but, do you need to come in for a moment or something?" 

His thick accented tone was deep and husky, clearly still trapped somewhere in the realm of his own dreams, causing his strange Amporas’ lisp to only take a harsher form. 


"9h. Well this is quite the interesting…thing t9 walk int9. N9ne the less I have s9mthing rather imp9rtant I have t9 speak t9 y9u a69ut. And n9w that I am sure y9u are awake I trust y9u will listen t9 me like y9u always d9." He allowed himself to enter the seadweller’s hive, shutting the door behind him. He brought his hand behind him a bit to click the lock on the door. "nmm…Cronus…" He presses his body closer to the other, pushing him back against the wall. "W9n’t y9u make l9ve t9 me."

The taller troll was caught completely off guard. Kankri had said such a thing…asked of such a thing and had used human terminology for him…His back met the wall and his arms snaked gently around the others waist.

"Kankri…holy hell babes, i…i havwe no idea vwhats gotten into you, but if you really truly vwant this… then i vwont hesitate a bit to go a head and givwe this to you…i vwant to bond in evwery manner vwe can. i vwant to showv you just howv much you mean to me and touch ovwer evwery beautiful inch i can get my pawvs on doll…" 

"nmm…Cr9nus…this is exactly what I want and Have wanted. N9 w9rds can explain h9w much I need y9u right n9w. H9w much I am craving f9r y9ur t9uch. H9w much I am craving f9r y9u and everything y9u can give me. 9h cr9nus. Please 9h please w9n’t y9u make l9ve t9 me…?"

He presses closer, warm hands moving over Cronus’ Chest. He let out a quietly little purr, standing on his tip toes so he can lightly kiss him on the lips. It was clear he needed this. He wanted this. He was craving his very touch. His words. Everything.

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