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Your name is KANKRI VANTAS and you pray someday someone will understand you
..so maybe that mean nowv is a good time


"to ask if you vwould be mine? You knowv…in the sense of the rest of our eternity? That is if a svweet little kitten like you vwould evwen vwant a vwhinning vworn out tomcat like me. vwithout all the rambling, vwhat im trying to ask is…

Kankri Vwantas, vwould you marry me?

The words took some time to sink into his head and he looked to the Seadweller. As soon as they hit he couldn’t think of words, mouth hanging open slightly.

He snapped out of his trance, face flushing darkly.

"C-Cr9nus…Y9u are sure a69ut this…right? Y9u want s9me9ne like…me with y9u f9r s9 l9ng…?" His bloodpusher was pounding into his chest cavity as he flushed darker, standing up straighter.

"I-…Yes…Yes Cr9nus I wish t9 6e y9urs f9r all 9f eternity."

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my heart melted in two seconds


Jesus take the wheel


Whoa there Jesus


neko was a sweetie again what can I say 

also these boys??? are adorable fuck




"I love him."

"And I lovwe you too. More than you think sugar.~" 

"Y9u are my w9rld..y9u are my everything.."